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  drinovlThird elementary school „Professor Marin Drinov“ – Kyustendil is a municipal school and has a long tradition (from 1908) in the training and education of students. The school  has a favorable territorial location in the town center.

   We train students from first to seventh grade and preschool children in groups. The school also propose „Аll day organization“ of the school day and provide free transport for all traveling students.

The school is placed in its own three-storey building with two wings – east and west, with an area: 1187 square meter;  courtyard area – 4000 square meters.


    In the building has 22 classrooms and offices: music room, art room, 2 computer halls, two gyms, a room of Technology and Entrepreneurship, library, room of the pedagogical advisor, specialized room for children with special educational needs, Directorate, Office of the Deputy Director of Student Affairs, medical office, teachers room, technical secretary office, staff room, accounting, rooms for pre-school groups, canteen, school yard with basketball and football playground, wet rooms in very good condition.

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Contact us:

Address: 2503, Kyustendil, bul. „Bulgaria“ № 35
Third elementary School „Professor Marin Drinov „

e – mail : oumdkn@abv.bg

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